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What We Do
If you need to grow your business from its present state, then you'll need londonsimeontechnologies design team to guide, design and support your dreams to become a reality. We are experts with deep knowledge of how the web and internet works. From WebDesign/Networking/Applications design to computer accessories and general hardware supply, we cover a whole lot of services within the ICT domain. We have built countless numbers of software for devices and gadgets and we won't relent untill we put you in our clients' list.

Internet WebDesign & Management Services

Our web development and maintenance services are wide and varied - from personal blogs to corporate website. All websites built by us run well on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc., applications. Our highly experience team will give your website a simple and professional design with quality web content, a clear user-friendly navigation system, web speed, optimized search engine or (SEO) and most browsers compactibility.

... with their beautiful and attractive interface, your web vision and business aspirations is a dream-come-through.
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Hardware & Software Networking Services

We'll help you network your group of computers to communicate and share their resources, data, and applications easily.
Your choice or state of network (LAN - Local Area Network, PAN - Personal Area Network, MAN - Metropolitan Area Network or WAN - Wide Area Network is something we can handle with lots of confidence and a touch of style. We boast of highly qualified and experience IT personnel who can stand the test of challenges when it comes to networking your ICT systems. Our past jobs have spoken for us especially when it comes to ICT systrems. Giving us a chance and we'll not disappoint you.
Your networking needs will be well done over your office(s) or building(s) with twisted pair or coaxial cables, hubs, network adapters, and ethernet cables.
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Software Engineering (Virtual Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Applications, etc.

We handle all aspects of programming and coding relating to internet and web engineering: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Pyhton, HTML, CSS, PHP, XML, XHTML, FUSION, etc. We also build security applications for websites that run on Windows, Linux and Mac. These applications are well designed with secured codes to give you the best in terms of Internet security.
Our well structured marketing applications will help you set up online marketing business. This will help you promote your business or brand over the internet; using tools that help drive traffic and therefore increase sales.
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