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About Us

We are an ICT firm with a vision to drive the Nigerian ICT platform to a greater height. This is why we work hard to create websites, social networks and virtual networks for humans, computers and high-performance web applications for clients. Formed in the summer of 2008 by London Simeon - from its humble beginning as a little-big idea, we have grown through the years into the dynamic team we are today. We are specially proud of the fact that our clients have shown so much respect and appraisals for our works and the customer support services we provide. These put together, is our driving force to actualizing our vision and mission.

Our Vision

To be one of the World topmost ICT driven providers in the areas of web design, software development and network technology in Nigeria.

Our Mission

To build in our highly experience and design-oriented team, a culture of true professionalism, creativity and style in everything we do. This will speak for every work we handle for clients.
Why You Need Our Services

End-To-End Business Solutions

At londonsimeon technologies, we provide end-to-end business solutions to help make your dreams and aspirations a reality. We technically provide Demand-driven business strategies that adds value to the your product. Because, we understand your business quest, we therefore start to plan everything with you. So whether you are looking for a quick win or transformational change, we’ll get you there without worries. 

Customized Approach

We fully employ customized approach to every project that we work on. From the planning phase right to the conclusion phase, we make sure that our approach to your business strategy, design and development phases are well geared towards giving the best for maximum productivity.

On - Time Deliveries

Today's technology has made everything fast and easy in terms of ICT develoment. This means as processes are used by more and more organizations, meeting every deadline becomes crucial. At londonsimeontechnologies, we scale our resources and technological services to ensure fast translation and on-time delivery to clients.

Experienced Team

Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals have the talent and experience to provide creative solutions that suits your business needs. We'll give your products and services the boost and promotion that will drive your business to the highest level.
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We can take care of your web and software designs, networking needs, internet and other ICT challenges.

If you need to grow your business from its present state, then you will need to have a design team that you can rely upon for a reliable guide, design and support. We are experts with deep knowledge of how the web and internet work.

We understand the general processes of apps programming and design. Hence, we can assist you with virtually everything you need to make your new web design, networking and software development a success. This includes services like your website design, website hosting, domain name registration, networking of computers, software modeling and design.

We also provide 24/7 support and profer technical advice for website(s), applications and networks services. Those on our online marketing list enjoy free SEO, PPC conversations and much more...

Why We Deserve Your Next Project

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